Transliteration Table
Arabic Shortcut Inserts

Arabic transliteration method for the Web

The transliteration convention is based on the Hans Wehr Dictionary, 4th edition, with the exception of the letter ghayn (kept as in the previous edition).

No special fonts needed

The characters used are supported by fonts widely available on the Web and installed on most computers.

For Websites and Web Apps

Download (below) and follow the README file included. Or visit the project's GitHub page.

Previous versions are also available.

The latest branch (es6) uses ES6 modules and other newer ECMAScript features.

Quick Start

In your web page, given the following element:

<div id="my-editor"></div>

The element can be turned into a basic editor. In your JavaScript:

// import the module import { romanizar } from '/path/to/romanizar-es6.js';
// convert the element into an editor const editor = romanizar('#my-editor');